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chapter one

​The world has changed. Your powers are needed. Bring chocolate. 

I am a twelve-year-old orphan who tells fortunes. My best friends include a fire breather, a storm starter, and a potion maker. We travel together through a strange city, hoping to get back to our motherland before the Ferals find us. Because we’re awesome girls with powerful magic and bad kids want it. I’d tell you more if I trusted you. No offense but we just met. If you stick around long enough though you’ll learn about the mysterious hidden hearts, the impending carny revolution and maybe, just maybe, I’ll teach you how to read a palm.   

So, in a carnyshell, everything changed the day the adults died. The world went bonkers. The virus swept over the planet and basically wiped out anyone who already hit puberty. (It paid to be a late bloomer.) Most of the kids who managed to stay alive without parents, joined gangs. It was purely for survival. Orphans became wild, traveling in packs. But some of the gangs were mean and the leaders untrustworthy. Allegiances to cruel clubs with their bullies and henchmen were just as scary as being on your own. Luckily, I had a built-in tribe of superhero sisters: the carny girls. Our skills, smarts, and magic protected us. Or so we thought.

At first it was just me, Frankie and Sonny. We had known each other since we were little. And we couldn’t be any more different. I’m a punk kid with bleached white hair and ripped jeans. I like music, drawing, and being left alone. Oh, and I’m psychic. I read hands, cards, and tea leaves. Sometimes I consult a crystal ball that I keep in my messenger bag. I learned this all from my mom. She was psychic. And so was my grandmother. And my great grandmother. I guess it’s hereditary. And they call it a gift but I would have preferred a skateboard. Sure, it’s cool to know the future but only when the future is good.  

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the book

coming in 2023!

A virus swept over the planet, killing every adult. 100 years later, it's up to the misfit magic of Willow and her Carny Girl gang to decode the riddle of the mysterious hidden hearts, snap the spell of broken time and return safely to their homeland of Coney Island before their powers are stolen forever!

written by Christie Perfetti Williams

illustrations by Bailey Anderson

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the messages

Girls are smart, strong & powerful.

Girls are superheroes.

We all have superpowers.

We're all different and we all belong.

Love is the key!

Magic, mystery & exploring are fun.

Trust your instincts.

Believe in yourself.

Help each other.

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the carny girl revolution

everywhere the caravan can go

the book series

Image by Dollar Gill

The Mystery of Graffiti Heart is the debut novel in the Carny On, Carny Girl series dedicated to the Carny Girls Gang! Join Willow & friends as they travel the country, putting up shows, unlocking mysteries and saving the day one heart at a time!

Books in this collection will also include spell and recipe making, candle and clothes creating and palm reading workbooks, as well as journals and graphic zines with an underground vibe...      

the television & internet series

Image by Jon Tyson

Carny On, Carny Girl is both a television series, featuring the smart, strong, strange, kind & cool carny kids from the beloved book series, as well as a late-night animated series for a young teenage audience that is a bit darker and edgier. Carny shorts on the web are quick, seven-minute sketches with a graphic novel vibe that offer a surprise bit of magical mischief about life on the caravan!

the movie

Image by Rhett Wesley

The Mystery of Graffiti Heart is the made-for-screen story of the Carny Girls adventure to Coney Island, making magic and battling bad kids all the way! Featuring original music and dance and starring fresh, diverse faces of the entertainment world. (Envision Disney's blockbuster Encanto meets the cult classic The Warriors.)

the live action event

Image by Cyrus Crossan

This live action show is the soul of the Carny Girl phenomenon. Mirroring a classic small-town carnival with circus vibes, this staged show features magic, music, dance, freaks, geeks and oddities. And, of course, all the beloved Carny Girl characters! Themed merchandise and food will be sold. A small-scaled production will tour schools and community theaters with a focus on underserved urban and rural markets.

the games

gold cards and two dices on round wooden platform_edited.jpg

The Carny Girl game collection features character trading cards, board games, video games, interactive family games including treasure hunts, as well as the CG app where the user enjoys quizzes (which Carny Girl are you?) designs their own Carny Girl avatar and checks their horoscope. Craft, jewelry and magic kits are also part of the line-up.

the fashion


The classic Carny Girl shirt (black with hot pink lettering) is available in a variety of sizes, cuts and styles, as well as CG jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, and accessories connected to characters (including Frankie's crushed purple velvet top hat!)

the music

Girl with Guitar_edited_edited.png

Original Carny Grrrl music has an eclectic pop/punk/rock sound and channels some of the best girl bands of all time. The music is available for instant download and is featured in the TV series, as well as the movie and live action show. Videos are shared exclusively on the Carny Girls fan page!

the merchandise


Lunch boxes, dolls, action figures, trading cards, surprise prizes hidden inside mysterious meltaway hearts, posters, party decorations, treats and candies...the Carny Girl merch world is endless!

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meet the magical misfits​ of the caravan

the carny girl gang

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about the creator


Christie Perfetti Williams is an NYIT-nominated and award-winning playwright, screenwriter and novelist.

She's the founding producing director of the NYC-based multi-media arts company, Carnival Girls Productions,

dedicated to creating and producing art by and about women for 18 years. Over 30 productions of her work have been performed internationally.  

Christie is a volunteer with resettled refugees, a political activist, a PTO parent, church-goer and Taekwon-Do enthusiast. Occasionally she reads a palm. Born and raised in Oswego, NY and a graduate of Wells College,

Christie makes her home on the Jersey Shore with her partner and husband, Greg, their three children,

Luke, Eve, Ruby, sponsor son, Mir, and rescue pup, Memphis.

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carny girls give back

Image by Jon Tyson

Carnival Girls Productions is a proud supporter of several charities with a particular interest in organizations that serve women and children. As our Carny Girl endeavor grows, we look forward to amplifying the cause and donating to One World, One Love, STAAR Ovarian Cancer Foundation and GLAAD.

Carny On, Carny Girl & The Mystery of Graffiti Heart is dedicated to the displaced children of the world.

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For inquiries: Christie Perfetti Williams @ 347-834-3438,

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